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    Our technical consultants bring more than deep knowledge of the systems your business uses...


    No matter what size of database or the complexity of the system, our expert database developers will be able to deliver a system that works for you....


    All businesses both small and big organisation need network at Temmy Itech consultancy we design new network, we upgrade or extend to the existing network...

All businesses both small and big organisation need networks. At Temmy iTech consultancy, we design new networks, upgrade and/or extend to existing ones. Our key processes to network design are:


Needs Analysis:

The goal of needs analysis is to understand why the network is being built and what users and applications it will support. The fundamental importance of this stage is to enable us to understand the current and future network needs of the various users, department and applications. it also enable to identify if specific technologies are needed for network performance

Technology Design:

Once the needs have been defined the next step is to develop a physical network design this process begins with the client and server computers needed to support the users and applications. At this stage we examines the available technologies and assesses which options will meet users needs.

Cost assessment:

The purpose of this step is to assess the cost of various physical network designs in the second stage; the main items are the costs of software, hardware and circuit. This three stage are interconnected and all factors are interrelated with regard to cost

We design and give our client best advice on network solution to run and share information base on the size and budget of the organisation we subscrible to ICOM Channel this gives us access to the right price and the best availability of current technologies needed in design. ICOM channel platform also give access to a unique catalogue of more than 300 000 references, of all the major wholesalers on the market, and updated every day.

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